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Mike Pastor has dedicated himself to a life helping others achieve their physical, mental and spiritual goals. He is the co-founder, with his wife, of a movement academy in Puerto Rico where he works with all ages to achieve their individual goals. 

Mike has over two decades of training in martial arts in cluding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, kickboxing, boxing . He has studied with world champions in these fields, and recently returned from training  Muay Thai in Thailand and  BJJ  academy's around the world. He is MovNat Level 2 certified, 200hr YT, Functional Movement Screen certified, Neufit certified,  and has trained extensively in muscle and joint rehabilitation.  Mike also holds a certification in NLP and is Precision Nutrition Certified Coach.

Mike’s philosophy and dedication come from a difficult childhood that labeled him, punished him and eventually led him into run-ins with the law.  He used that time to focus on understanding the complex forces that led him down this path and has used that wisdom to be a better teacher and mentor to others. His focus is on a compassionate and empathetic method that brings lasting change to his clients. Mike believes we are all a collection of our interpretations of the world around us. A world that affects how we move, react and engage with ourselves and each other. He believes that health and wellness involve our minds, bodies, relationships, and environments. His goal is a lasting change in all of these endeavors for his clients. 

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Marisa Hughes, and her husband, co-founded The Movement Academy in Puerto Rico teaching their own program Primaletics; a combination of physical strength and mobility while never ignoring the mental and emotional history of the client.  Understanding the mind/ body connection is the only way to truly help someone create a meaningful connection that leads to lasting change. We all have different interpretations and perceptions of experiences and that's a beautiful thing, it’s incumbent for the trainer to see this as way into helping their client not as a barrier to change.  

As a competitive gymnast, Marisa was able to grow out of her introverted childhood and she saw what athletics could do for one’s confidence and self esteem.

Marisa has a BS in nutrition for Fordham University, and has completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training. She is tier 2 MovNat certified, Neufit certified and a Holistic Health Coach through Institute of Integrated Nutrition. She studies Brazilian jiu jitsu and has completed an exhaustive course in Muay Thai in Thailand. She has traveled extensively, studying with masters in exercise physiology and physical rehab. She is currently studying the advanced and master Neuro Linguistics Programming certifications (NLP).

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James Connolly is an artist, chef, non-profit founder and documentary film producer.  He focuses primarily on physical and mental health and social justice issues.  His non-profit is centered around issues of wellness and diet in inner-city public schools and teaches around 1500 kids a week in 18 schools across New York City.  His documentary film production team has produced films from Transmilitary, a film about active duty military transgender soldiers to Michael Moore’s latest documentary, Where to Invade Next, where Moore explores issues like mass incarceration, school food, criminal justice and student debt.  James lives in New York City with his three children.