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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has roots as an ancient samurai battlefield art adapted as a self-defense system for modern society.  BJJ teaches that a smaller, weaker person can defeat a much larger person by the proper utilization of technique and leverage.  Jiu-Jitsu employs joint manipulations and choking techniques that can control and defeat a larger assailant.  Whether you’re a brand new beginner or more experienced athlete, anyone can do Jiu-Jitsu!

Not only will you learn an effective self-defense system, improve balance and coordination, you’ll get in the best shape of your life!  We call is, “fitness with a purpose.”  You’re getting in shape while learning something useful….that’s truly fitness with a purpose.  People just like you have all gotten great results from training in Jiu-Jitsu.  You will improve confidence as you learn to use your body in a whole new way.  Your flexibility will dramatically increase as you transform your body and mind…working together cohesively.

Benefits of training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Getting into shape has never been so fun, challenging, inspiring and worthwhile.  At Flo Life BJJ+ you’ll learn this ancient art in a safe, non-threatening environment.  You’ll be guided through your Jiu-jitsu experience under the watchful eyes of our experienced instructors to ensure your safety and progression.  Our instructors can also aid you in questions related to diet, flexibility, meditation, recovery, injury prevention and more.

Benefits of Training Jiu-Jitsu:

·        Weight loss

·        Complete, full body workout

·        Learn effective self-defense

·        Strengthen core muscles

·        Improved cardiovascular

·        Lower blood pressure

·        Gain muscle

·        Escapism

·        Improved flexibility

·        Improved memory function

·        Better problem solving skills

·        Confidence and self-esteem

·        Meet new people

·        Have fun, while challenging yourself!


The Most Dynamic Neck-Attack System in the World

The incredible new submission system created and conceived through the eyes of BJJ black belt and BJJAfter40 founder Mike “Spider Ninja” Bidwell.

Over 4 hours of the most progressive and creative jiu jitsu attacks ever seen.

Headhunter focuses on chokes and strangles but includes tons of joint locks, foot locks and more. 

  • See through the eyes of a black belt  – every detail, angle and closeup is there!

  • Tons of Gi & No Gi moves – almost everything is translatable to submission grappling and BJJ

  • Get Mobile! Includes a full stretching sequence that corresponds to the moves in the instructional so you can easily develop the skills needed to effectively perform the moves.

  • Review each segment with close ups, on screen instructions, multiple angles and slow motion.

  • Enjoy clear, concise easy-to-follow instruction –  Perfect for all levels.

  • Includes all the moves made famous by the ‘Spider Ninja’ like: 

The Cryangle Choke, Kraken Choke, Ninja Roll Chokes 2.0, The Seppuku Choke, No Gi Spider Guard Attacks, Multiple Triangle attacks from inversions / unorthodox positions, Spider X Guard, Head Lopper Choke, Multiple Back takes / attacks and MORE!

Over 4 hours of instruction, drills and stretches!  Available as a 4-DVD disc set or digital download.  To learn more click on the link below.



fLO LIFE BJJ+ IS located at the corner of Garrison and Jewell Avenue at 9191 West Jewell Avenue Lakewood, Colorado 80232 (Near BlackJack Pizza)

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