We understand even though many of us have similar goals when it comes health and happiness we are all our unique selves. We have different bodies, stressors and perspectives that influence who we are and what we do. We use science backed research and real world experience to help you build a frame work for health and wellness that makes sense for you.



We have traveled the world learning, observing and training to find the keys to balance in life. In our western culture, we are often living a life of comparison in the pursuit of things. Overloading on the buffet of conveniences while we squander the time that was given to us watching other people pursue their dreams. We engage in superficial conversations while we sleep walk through the week checking off boxes of what it means to be happy and successful in our society. Instead of contributing to the advancement of our species, we hold contempt towards our fellow man for his perceived fortunes. We imagine a better future but fear the steps required to get us there blaming others for our self imposed road blocks. We sacrifice our contentment now with unfulfilling work for dreams of retirement while we allow our bodies to breakdown with no consideration that is our vehicle in the future. We approach our health and wellness with the concept of the “finger in the dam” never getting to the root of our unhealthy habits but attempting to plug up a hole every time it springs a leak. 




We are in a constant state of learning and adaption. Our inner dialogue, how we move or don't move our bodies, how we interact with the people in our lives and the world around us all shape us daily. We  use science backed research and our decades of combined experience to design a frame work to help you live a healthier more fulfilled life. As we understand the difficulties of maneuvering through the demands modern society trying to find the time for exercise, family, nature and pursuing your dreams all while getting enough sleep, figuring out the right foods to eat and keeping that food on the table. 

We designed our lives to "fit in" what we see as the essentials to a positive balance in our health and wellness with the goal of a fulfilling and engaging life. We have developed and honed techniques for staying the course when the universe has other plans.  

But we can only guide you. 

If you are truly ready for the pain and discomfort of change to get where you want to be. Take the first step and click this link to get our free Living Primaletics  eBook.